The Cost Of Conflict Avoidance

Let's face it, we all do it, bite our tongues to keep the peace! It's like little white lies - we've all told a few over our lifetime!  BUT if you're continuously suppressing your feelings, desires, or opinions to avoid conflict in a relationship... 

It's only a matter of time before you implode or explode! 

Suppressing your feelings is never a good idea. While It may work in "keeping the peace" for the short term, it is a recipe for disaster over time! It turns the relationship into a façade, it isn't real, and it isn't fair to you or your partner!

Not to mention the internal war brewing a cocktail of resentment, anger, and misery.

1. Resentment toward the person you're trying to please;

2. Anger at yourself for suppressing YOUR needs; and

3. Misery living a life that isn't what YOU really want or deserve! 

Is this a sustainable approach to a peaceful relationship?  

It is only a question of time until something happens that will likely result in the very thing you're trying to avoid – conflict and the potential end of your relationship!

Is it worth it?  

What are you gaining?

 Better yet, what are you losing?

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