Personalized Coaching Services to Help You Find Your Zen


Do you struggle to find peace and balance with the people in your life? Whether romantic, familial, or professional, relationships shape our life path and define our day-to-day experience.

Coach JLO can help you develop these skills:
•Conflict Resolution
•Equality / Respect
•Setting healthy boundaries
•Identifying toxic patterns

Her coaching will also help you solve:

•Commitment Issues
•Distance / Growing Apart
•Jealousy / Insecurity
•Dysfunctional relationships


Whether you seek to improve career path, business growth, athletic performance, or daily routine, Coach JLO can help you identify your blocks and overcome them. Together, you will:

•Determine what obstacles are holding you back
•Discover pathways to improvement
•Learn to hold yourself accountable
•Clarify your goals and create a goal-oriented action plan
•Identify self-sabotaging behaviours and learn how to change them


Coach JLO believes that satisfaction in life is ultimately defined by how you feel and how you choose to view the world. Her greatest pleasure is helping clients discover the path towards living their authentic lives. Make a transformation toward fulfillment! Embrace life from the inside out! For Coach JLO, this means:

•Gaining perspective and uncovering what you TRULY want
•Identifying your core values
•Discovering your passion and how to ignite it
•Leveraging your strengths to overcome your weaknesses
•Confronting your fears and leaving them in the dust
•Transforming your life

Are you being overwhelmed by reality?

Does the world seem chaotic forcing you to live a fast-paced existence in order to survive? Are the demands of your daily life increasingly outnumbering the hours in the day needed to address them? Have you morphed into a robot going through the motions carrying out your daily routines?

Why is this happening?

Our world can sometimes sweep you off your feet, and when that happens it’s all too easy to lose direction. When feeling we have NO choice in what’s happening to us, we’re stuck trying to just survive! Life can get in your way, making you feel disconnected and feeding choices that continue a downward spiral. You wind up looking for answers from external sources rather than from within, which often leads you to pursue the wrong choices for the wrong reasons.

What can you do about this?

Fortunately, there is a way out! By practicing the philosophy of radical acceptance, by enhancing your productivity in everyday life, and by strengthening your relationships with those around you, you can reach a place of peace and happiness.

The answer is within you. And Coach JLO is here to help you find it.

How Does Coaching Work?

•All services are done virtually via phone or video chat
•Each session is 50 minutes
•First assessment session is free

What You Can Expect

•Gain clarity
•Guidance and support
•Strategies to overcome your challenges and take your power back
•A clear action plan to move forward toward achieving your goals

What I Expect of You

•Have an open mind
•Commit to the process
•Be prepared to put in the work
•Have fun and enjoy the journey!
Jenny has a practical nature with an attitude of “what can we do to get this task done." I would absolutely recommend her.
A. McClure

Embark on your personal journey today!

Coach JLO is happy to offer a complimentary session for anyone who wishes to move beyond their fears and embark on an exploration of what it means to be successful, secure and satisfied with their life.
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