“My life’s journey has lead me to my calling: helping people overcome their challenges”

-Coach JLO

Challenge Accepted!

Coach JLO’s tumultuous childhood included being bullied, leaving home at age 14, being forced to quit school, and working in a lumber mill. She later had the fortitude to return to school while working two jobs to support herself, and eventually worked her way into a successful business consulting career. Through these experiences, she learned what it takes to dig deep, muster courage, and be self-empowered. She believes in facing your fears and following your dreams.

The Road to Success

After losing her parents at a young age, Coach JLO struggled trying to find her identity and step into her own skin. Like so many of us, she made many mistakes along the way. Looking back now, she sees those mistakes as lessons rather than failures.

Through all these life events, she spent a lot of time alone and found solace in journaling. At the urging of many of her friends, she began blogging to make her learning public. She wrote under a pseudonym to deflect attention from herself and put helping others in the foreground. Sharing her experiences helped others to know they weren’t alone and realize that they have the power to overcome challenges in their lives.

Little did she know that her blog would encourage others to reach out and seek support.

A Career is Born

Inspired by her blog, people started approaching her for help. This experience ignited what has become her passion and career, transforming Jenny into Coach JLO. 

She has since received training as a Certified Life Coach as well as a Certified Solutions-Focused Coach, both of which offer powerful techniques to help you on your journey to self-realization.

Serendipitously, her passion for helping others came to fruition: a coaching business was born!
"Thank you for everything, and for your contagious energy!"
-S. Gordon

Embark on your personal journey today!

Coach JLO is happy to offer a complimentary session for anyone who wishes to move beyond their fears and embark on an exploration of what it means to be successful, secure and satisfied with their life.
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