Procrastination Is A Self-Imposed Prison

Procrastination is fear-based! It's comfortable because it keeps you in limbo where you feel safe.... but the price of that comfort is killing you slowly!

Many things cause procrastination; low self-worth, fear of failure, fear of success, lack of structure, inability to motivate yourself – or simply a dislike for the task you're trying to avoid.  

These drivers create negative thoughts leaving you anxiety-ridden and in a state of analysis paralysis.  Adding to all of that is the build-up of whatever you're not acting on- whether it is work, home, or relationship – everything comes to a halt!  

But here's the thing; life doesn't stop.  It keeps moving forward, whether you engage or not. Like the adage, life stops for no man!  It's true!  So, while you may find some uncomfortable comfort in procrastination – it is creating more significant problems in every aspect of your life.

Every day you spend procrastinating is a wasted day.  You’re stress out, and your life is immobilized.  As a result, you’re missing out on so much happiness and opportunity!

It might be scary to make a decision or take the first step toward what you want - but once you empower yourself to take that first step, your entire world will change!

What's holding you back?

A plant will not grow until you plant a seed!  

Isn't it time to break out of that self-imposed imprisonment?  

Take that first step – book a free consultation! 

What do you have to lose?  

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